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for days by suspected cop kr christopher dorner... the story a couple is rst time about being
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. pretty scary. >> he'll hostage for days by krystofer dorner -- christ first dorner. >> explosives inside. what police found during a raid and why they will stick around during the night. it's crazy to have someone crawl on your porch. and a camera to catch criminals is a target of a thief of the what this man does not understand about modern technology. >> a new twist in the christopher dorner story of a couple ca face-to-face with the ex-cop turn killer moments before he made his final stand. >> karen and jim reynolds were among the last people to see dorner. >> he opened the door and came out at us and he had his gun
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drawn. >> he owns the mountain vista resort where dorner was hiding from law enforcement. it was they who dorner tied up. he talked to us trying to calm us down and saying very frequently he would not kill us. >> they say dorner stole their car, it was that get away that led to that should out with police. the should out ended when police threw tear gas into the cabin. >> we did not intentionally burn down that cabin to get him out. the detective was killed in the gunbattle. law enforcement in the communities had started to withdraw officers when the search was turning up empty. they swarmed during the standoff now police are beginning to open up the
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roadblocks. many are relieved it's over. >> very glad that he's taken care of because he was killing people. >> one of those victims riverside police officer michael crain was laid to rest wednesday. hundreds of police officers attended the funeral. >> the san bernardino county sheriff department defended the search for dorner the deputy chief was asked how deputies could miss the suspect. the search teams were in the area the day after dorner's truck was found and found nothing. it's the equipment they needed an armored vehicle designed to withstand weapons of mass destruction and it's coming to marin county but some are questioning the expense.
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>> most people picture marin as an art community where well- healed residents enjoy a cafe lifestyle so the idea of a bearcat urban result style for the sheriffs department for the weapons of mass destruction unit has people talking. >> it's ridiculous, we're not, doesn't seem appropriate. i'm not sure we need an assault vehicle but i don't know. >> i think there's two levels of reaction, the high school kids can't wait to ride in it and the general public wonders if it's the best use of funds. >> money for the rambo van comes from a federal homeland security grant and will be used by a weapons of mass destruction unit that will be
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able to react to agents. >> so there's possibly enormous weapons of mass destruction, chemical or nuclear here in marin? no i think the biggest thing we have is protest over dog walkers but as far as being prepared this is what we're doing. it does not go with marin's image. it doesn't, i think we are bucolic community, a peace loving crowd. on the other hand we're a crowds that known for planning skills and we're planning ahead. the expression was only in marin, given the events pointed out in the piece in southern california and connecticut perhaps the new expression would be even in marin.
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>> more chemicals found in a south bay house will be detonated tomorrow. they were found on humboldt avenue in santa clara. more more on the man who's in custody. >> this is the closest look of the crime scene, the front yard of the suspect where bomb techs dug a home and -- hole and blew it up. that's a thin coat of sand on everything. today they found more destructive devices. the chp is guarding them they will blow it up and there's no telling what else they will find. who is everett bashham. his profile is shaping up of a troubled man.
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i didn't think he would make a bomb. it is disconcerting. >> officers came to the home tuesday after making death threats to senator yee, the s.w.a.t. team back off after finding volatile chemicals. investigators say he lived like a order and found more suspicious items. it will take three days to dig through it all. it's not over yet, i don't want the knock on wood per se. >> the 45-year-old was arrested in military fatigues and he wore them often. the house has a half dozen surveillance cameras and radio antennas. >> definitely odd, there's nothing like that around here. >> it's shocking, he could have
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hurt us, the neighbors. >> according to his linked in page he has 30 years of experience and has done classified projects. he has five pattens for printed circuit boards. . >> and the investigators say it's too risky to transport the devices they will bring a bomb containment spheres and that's when they will detonate them. the crews will be back at 7:30 in the morning. the man accused of killing a foster child is in jail without bail. jones made his first court
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appearance, charged with kidnapping, and murders allen. prosecutors of added special circumstances meaning jones faces the death penalty. he will enter a plea next week. a teenager has become san jose's fifth homicide victim. he was found near the north 21st and east julian intersection inertias high school -- san jose high school. corrosion on an old pipe blamed for the fire at the chevron refinery in richmond in august. the report concluded the company knew the pipe was compromised and should of replaced it. chevron is inspected every pipe. attorneys for barry bonds were in federal court appealing
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his obstruction of justice conviction. bonds was not at the hearing. he was found guilty in 2011 about being evasive in 2003. the panel will consider the appeal but did not indicate when they would rule. the celebration for the opening of the new bay bridge is taking shape. the transportation authority gave approval to spending $5 million. the money would be used for security, buts and portapottyies. not everyone thinks it's worth it but the mtc says it will. >> the people will look back on in the future and say that was a great event and it was a wonderful public works that came to completion. >> the mtc is looking for
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sponsors to fund private events. the board will make a final decision by february 27th. the count down clock continues to click toward the opening. kpix is the official television station for the big day. coming up, caught by the camera, he was out to steal the bay area burglar starring in the surveillance video. the irony for the homeowner who was trying to protect her property. >> move aside ts -- psy, the new dance craze. tell you what, san jose is behind schedule, the average first 70-degree day for san jose is last week.
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that's next. fog at the coastline, otherwise clear. ,,,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow. sources say american airlin and u-s airways will join forces. the new airline wily . a megamerger creating the largest airline will be announced tomorrow. the new airline will fly under the american name and logo. it's the final step in american bankruptry restructuring. carnival cruise line canceled a dozen more cruises aboard to try umf.
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it is being -- triumph. it is being towed to alabama. some of the 4,000 passengers describe conditions as deplorable, state rooms are sweltering and the smell of sewage is overwhelming. a burglar couldn't have picked a worse target. the efforts bing a new meaning to being caught on camera. file this under one of the dumbest burglars you will see. last friday 4:25 a.m. he hit this pleasant hill neighborhood and stole a surveillance camera. what he did was leave a calling card. his face. >> the thief caught on camera the one he wants to steal. that's perplexing to the homeowner. she wants to remain anonymous. >> i'm not sure, why he could
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teal is a camera makes no sense. >> his first attempt to grab it unsuccessful. he steps back, trying to cover his face and goes for his flashlight. signs it at the camera. that works for a few seconds, then, it rearms itself. >> it's creepy to have someone crawl on your porch, it's unsettling. >> he tries it again, stuffs the flashlight in his mouth. the wrong side in at first. and then he starts scaling the wall. and that's when the camera really gets a good picture of him. >> it's why five, it goes up to drop cam server first and we can load it from the internet.
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it's in the cloud, forever, his face. you just can't beat technology. her new night vision camera is back up and so will all the posters with all the nice big photos of their thief. the most wanted man in this neighborhood. facebook founder mark zuckerberg is getting a crash course in politics. protesters gathered out his home asking him the reconsider fundraising for chris christie, they don'like he's cutting money from women's reproductive health care. >> by having this public fun raiser for a republican politician he's joining the culture world. >> we contacted a facebook
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spokesperson who claim zuckerberg's support of christie has nothing do with the governor's politics. >> zuckerberg's sister signed a deal to write a children's book. she left facebook in 2011 and has since produced a reality show centered around bay area start ups. a marin man and his grandmothers. joe vasquez explains how they are the latest internet sensation dancing the harlem shake. >> he's showing students how it's done. he should know. the video of the harlem shake is one of the fastest growing on the internet. it's the biggest thing since
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gangnam style. >> he shot it's a few days ago and it's exploded. now at 1.2 million hits. >> it's a shock. i put it on facebook for a few friends and all of a sudden it's gone viral. >> he's one of many variations of the harlem shake. it's not the dance style it's how you produce the video. we went by the concert to democrat. >> everyone in the video has to act normal but one person dancing away. at a previce in the moment a wild edit to a wild state of dancing. how long will this last. a week or two. it's another internet like sweet brown or the honey badger. something that's interesting for a short period of time. >> until then, enjoy your
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moment of fame. and your harlem shake keeps shaking across the web. looks like your rain dance. >> we have to shake up the weather and get moisture in the upper atmosphere. >> if ken's rain dance turn noose the harlem shake we'll see rain. maybe by tuesday. >> we'll see. >> take a look at the forecast. maybe preshake. let's get through tonight, we have fog at the coastline, not like this morning, oakland 44, fremont 40. concord 41. temperature this mo, we've been -- month, we're below normal. san jose 5 degrees below average and halfway through the month. radar is clear, ken can do did
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harlem shake. ken likes that music. high pressure hanging out. we'll have mainly dry conditions until tuesday. high pressure is moving closer to the coastline. that means the northerly winds that kept us chilly overnight will turn to a northeast wind. that that will get us up near 70 degrees. then we get the changes if you like rainfall you will like. high pressure moves out. onshore flow is back and cold air traps by the golf of las -- gulf of alaska with much-needed rainfall. we're sunny through saturday, isolated 70s. next week we're trending cooler and wetter. 70 degrees for valentine's day. san jose a degree shy of 70.
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free montz 67. walnut creek 67. downtown san francisco 64. santa rosa 70 degrees. milder on friday. cooler on sunday and monday. show areas arrive by tuesday. i can just envision ken as part of one of those. >> it will happen. >> youtube. wait for it. >> in case of emergency dance. >> forget the best in show ribbon. when this dog wanted more after winning westminster. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sugar in soda. the center for science in t . first it was trans fat, sodium now a major consumer group is going after the sugar in soda. calling on the fda to limit the sugar content in soda and other drinks. current levels are harmful leading to health problems.
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the standard 20-ounce bottle of soda has 16 teaspoons of sugar. the top dog at the westminster kennel club dog show was treated on to a steak lunch. banana joe had a steak. tomorrow he will ring in the opening bell at the new york stock exchange. cup i.d. arrow can -- cupids arrow can strike anywhere. let's go to the parking lot of docs burgers in sonora. two days before valentines customer in the restaurant called 911 after seeing the naked couple in their karen gauging -- car engaging in
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afternoon delight. the problem was it was a very public place, so the couple was cited for indecent exposure. a man in his 60s and a woman in her 70s. the top seed in jeopardy of going down in san jose. the giants pitcher ares in. we have a question about a position player coming up. ,,,,,,
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♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ with the hope that posey can catch a ty of lincecum's . lincecum sporting the new haircut. hoping posey can catch the majority of lincecum starts. position players hit the field saturday. one of the big topics pablo's
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weight. >> it wasn't that long ago players used spring training to get in shape. some had to get jobs, they didn't do a lot and came into spring training, six, seven weeks was for. and pablo is one of our exceptions. we'll use that to get him in shape. >> john eisner to sapp open in trouble. comes back to win and advance in the 3rd round. >> a preview of the top five. scott, wild circus shot. miami beats the 'noles. >> harlem shake. >> yeah. ,,

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